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House Repairs

For some families the most pressing need is shelter.  The Family Support Teams are able to help families with repairs to houses from time to time, and each year LK has also been able to assist one or two families by building a house.   Sometimes this has been with the assistance of volunteers from outside the area, and sometimes it has been the young people from our Youth Clubs who have done the work.



Mahlakwe family outside house Feb 2010.JPG

One family outside their new house built by a team from the UK



Tshongwe - where lived before.JPGTshongwe completed house.JPG


These boys lost their father & their home in a fire & were living in the hut pictured above.  The Tshongwe Youth Club built this house for them.


workday Mdluli 3.jpg

Family Support Team members helping with building a new house for a household headed by an 18 year old girl at Mduku.



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