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Lulisandla Kumntwana

"Reach out to the Child"



As a result of the AIDS pandemic, there are thousands of orphaned children.  In response to this, Lulisandla Kumntwana (LK) was set up to reach out and support orphans, vulnerable children and their families in Umhlabuyalingana & Big Five and Mbazwana in northern KwaZulu Natal. As Christians, we aim to share the love of Christ in response to the Biblical instruction to care for the poor and needy, in particular James Iv27:

"Religion that God our Father accepts as
pure and faultless is this: to look after
orphans and widows in their distress

James 1:27, The Bible

As Christians who serve God our Father we seek to obey this command out of love for God for what He has done for us.  It is our aim also to encourage and to work alongside Christians and local churches to see the need of orphans and vulnerable children, and to support and to facilitate them in their efforts to fulfil the call of the Lord to minister to them.

Through the work of Lulisandla Kumntwana, more and more orphans are being given the chance to have a better quality of life.



About LK

Lulisandla Kumntwana (Reach out to the child) was started in 2002 as a community outreach project of Mseleni Children’s Home and is managed by a committee under the Board of Mseleni Children’s Home. Both Mseleni Children’s Home & Lulisandla Kumntwana are projects of SIM (Serving In Mission--an international, interdenominational missionary society) working together with churches in the Mseleni area in KwaZulu Natal. The project is managed by a committee under the Board of Mseleni Children's Home.

LK has established teams of Christians from local churches who visit a number of homes regularly and offer support to orphans and those caring for them. So far we have 56 teams in various areas, which involve about 300 volunteers who live in the same community as the orphans and often have very little for themselves. Workshops are held both to train and support the existing teams and to create new teams enabling previously unreached areas to be served.

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Main objectives of Lulisandla Kumntwana:


1. To recruit, train and support teams of Christians from local churches who will regularly visit and minister to orphans and their carers practically, spiritually, emotionally and socially.


2. To encourage the spiritual development of team members from local churches through teaching and training in evangelism and discipleship.


3. To establish and run a fostering agency so as to be able to place children in foster care, or formalize such placements, by opening Court Enquiries, applying for foster grants, supervising placements, and applying for renewals


4. To offer orphans and vulnerable children psycho-social support.


5. To ensure orphans are able to access and benefit from education


6. To establish a relief fund which can be used to offer help such as food, clothing and house repairs to those in dire need.


7. To undertake youth work in order to develop the life skills and spiritual growth of youth in general, and orphans and vulnerable children in particular.


8. To mobilize the community in order to increase awareness of children’s rights and the needs of orphans.


9. To assist older orphans by helping them gain access to tertiary education, skills training and income generating activities.


10.    To establish links and working relationships with other NGOs and Government Departments so as to work together in assisting orphans and vulnerable children.


11.    To monitor and evaluate the project, and to undertake research into its effectiveness.


12.    Lulisandla Kumntwana will not discriminate in the services rendered whether in terms of race, gender, colour, religion or political belief.


Area of operation



Lulisandla Kumntwana operates in the province of KwaZulu-Natal




Within KwaZulu-Natal, Lulisandla Kumntwana operates in the Municipal District of Umkhanyakude






The area served by Lulisandla Kumntwana is that covered by Mseleni Hospital – about 125kms long & 30kms wide with a population of about 95 000. 

During the year 2010, 4153 orphans & vulnerable children received some kind of help from LK.


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