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Nutritional Support

A relief fund is in place to provide basic foodstuffs for those who are in most desperate need. Food parcels are distributed to about 80 orphan families each month, when funding allows.


food parcels 002.JPG


Each food parcel contains:

12,5kg mealie meal

10kg samp

5kg beans

5kg peanuts

2,5kg sugar

500ml cooking oil

1kg soap















The Family Support Teams help in identifying which families are in need of relief.

A food parcel in a kitchen belonging to an orphan family.


Some orphan families receiving food parcels:






4 orphans 1family, no adult Story 1.JPG


                                                                                                                                                      This family of four orphans live by themselves                                                              


food parcels 008.JPG


food parcels 011.JPG


Some orphans are too old to be eligible for the foster child grant

Food parcels & help with uniform are very important so that they

are able to complete their education


Relief story 4.JPG


Lulisandla Kumntwana buys seeds & gardening tools, & then the Family Support Team members assist the orphan families to plant food gardens in their own homes both as a source of food and of income if they do well.

Zikhali family 1.pngZikhali family 6.png


Two orphaned boys, with their grandmother who fosters them, in their vegetable garden.

Several of the teams have established community gardens so that they can raise funds to offer extra assistance.  They get the children helping in these gardens so that they develop skills.  Two of these gardens have been expanded these into hydroponics projects which they are running together with some of the older orphans. These projects are providing the children with vegetables & also being sold to provide funds help children with school expenses.

Majola hydroponics

Majola Hydroponics project



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