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Self Help Groups

LK has a community developer whose task is to assist groups of women to form self help groups.  These groups of women save a small amount of money (R2) each week and the aim is to encourage them to save, to help each other, and to start small income generating activities. 


The first of these groups was established in 2009 and by June 2011, there were 32 groups with 582 members.  The total amount of money which had been saved by those women week by week amounted to R114307.   From that a total amount of R284526 had been loaned to group members. (The money is repaid with some interest & loaned out again.)  All the groups have income generating projects started, such as gardening, sewing and making laundry baskets.


A self help group


Bags & mats Laundry baskets, bags, mats & shoes April 2011

Making bags, mats, laundry baskets, shoes, etc.




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