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Stories behind the photos

Who's who in LK?


Stories behind the Photos

Relief story 2

These 4 orphans live with their grandfather who cannot walk and their grandmother who is also disabled.

LK is helping them get IDs and birth certificates so he can have a disability pension and the children can get the foster child grant.

In the meantime here, they are receiving a food parcel.



Mabibi orphan Thonga 3

This older orphan would have dropped out of school; He had no means of support and was too old for the foster grant. 

 With help from LK with uniform & food parcels he was able to complete his education.

He is now employed at Thonga Beach Lodge and supports his family.



Mthembu Majola house burnt 4 May 2011.jpgMthembu Majola house burnt 2 May 2011.jpgMthembu Majola house burnt May 2011.jpg


These children lost all their bedding & clothes when their hut caught fire.  They were helped with a mattress, blankets & some clothes.


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